Discussion Papers on Political and Cultural Impacts

The GINI project will produce about 100 Discussion Papers covering four main Work Packages: Task 3, 4, 5 and 6. Below you will find all Discussion Papers belonging to Task 5: Political and Cultural Impacts of InequalityA comprehensive overview of all papers to be prepared for GINI: ‘Overview of all papers’. The Work Package Report belonging to Task 5: 


Intermediate Report Work Package 5 (October 2012)Intermediate Report WP5

Political and Cultural Impacts of Inequality (Paper)
By: Herman Van de Werfhorst, István György Tóth, Dániel Horn, Márton Medgyesi, Natascha Notten, Christina Haas and Brian Burg


Discussion Papers belonging to Task 5, Political and Cultural Impacts of Inequality:

DP 6DP 6 - AppendixNo. 6 (January 2011) Task 5.1.11

Income Inequality and Participation: A Comparison of 24 European Countries (Paper) (Appendix)
By: Bram Lancee and Herman van de Werfhorst


DP 7No. 7 (February 2011) Task 5.2.3

Income Distributions, Inequality Perceptions and Redistributive Claims in European Societies (Paper)
By: István György Tóth and Tamás Keller



DP14No. 14 (October 2011) Task 5.3.5

Inequality and Anti-Globalization Backlash by Political Parties (Paper)
By: Brian Burgoon


DP16No. 16 (October 2011) Task 5.1.2

Income Inequality and Voter Turnout (Paper)
By: Daniel Horn


DP 17No. 17 (September 2011) Task 5.3.1

Income Inequality, Value Systems, and Macroeconomic Performance (Paper)
By: Ciacomo Corneo


DP20No. 20 (November 2011) Task 5.1.1

Does Income Inequality Negatively Affect General Trust? (Paper)
By: Sander Steijn and Bram Lancee



No. 43 (April 2012) Task 5.2.7

Educational Selectivity and Preferences about Education Spending (Paper)
By: Daniel Horn



No. 45 (June 2012) Task 5.1.9

The Power of Networks. Individual and Contextual Determinants of Mobilising Social Networks for Help (Paper)
By: Natalia Letki and Inta Mierina


DP 47

No. 47 (July 2012) Task 5.1.6

Support for Democracy in Cross-National Perspective: The Detrimental Effect of Economic Inequality (Paper)
By: Robert Anderson 


No. 48 (July 2012) Task 5.2.1

Public Opinion on Income Inequality in 20 Democracies: The Enduring Impact of Social Class and Economic Inequality (Paper)
By: Robert Andersen and Meir Yaish


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