GINI Output

The GINI project will produce 94 Discussion Papers covering the four main work packages. These will address many important issues that serve as inputs into the analysis at both the aggregate and the national level. For a comprehensive overview of all papers to be prepared for GINI please click ‘Overview of all papers’ at the left. You can also view the Discussion Papers per Task:




State of the Art Review

The State of the Art Review provides an extensive overview of the state of research on the analysis and impacts of inequalities.

Inequalities' Impacts GINI DP 1





Work Package Reports

The Work Package Reports can be found below.

Intermediate Report WP3 (September 2012) Intermediate Report WP3

Drivers of Growing Inequality  (download Paper and Appendix)
By: Gabriele Ballarino, Francesco Bogliacino, Michela Braga, Massimiliano Bratti, Daniele Checchi, Antonio Filippin, Virginia Maestri, Elena Meschi, Francesco Scervini


Intermediate Report WP4Intermediate Report WP4 (October 2012)

Social Impacts of Inequalities (Paper)
By: Abigail McKnight and Brian Nolan


Intermediate Report WP5 (October 2012)Intermediate Report WP5

Political and Cultural Impacts of Inequality (Paper)
By: Herman Van de Werfhorst, István György Tóth, Dániel Horn, Márton Medgyesi, Natascha Notten, Christina Haas and Brian Burg

Intermediate Report WP 6

Intermediate Report WP6 (October 2012)

Policy Analysis (Paper)
By: Ive Marx and Tim van Rie

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