Political and Cultural Impacts Analysis


To study the impacts of inequalities in education and income/wealth on political and cultural outcomes. Under cultural outcomes we include various value orientations, social integration/social capital. Tease out possible policy implications, particularly for the longer term.

Background and motivation: Inequalities’ widespread effects

Rising income/wealth inequalities, and stable or declining educational inequalities, may have severe repercussions on outcomes in the sphere of politics and values. The set of outcomes that we add upon the already broad set of outcomes in the first impacts pillar highlight important potential outcomes of changing inequalities.
For Topics to be addressed under GINI, we set ourselves three tasks with regard to political and cultural impacts: (1) understand the impact of changing educational and income/wealth inequalities on various forms of political and social participation; (2) understanding the relationship between changes in inequality and legitimacy, and (3) examine the impact of inequality and values studied under (1) and (2) on macroeconomic performance. The generated knowledge will form the basis for Country Reports for almost every EU-country, the Analysis Report on political and cultural impacts, and for policy reports on policy implications of our findings

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