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Call for applications from CNAM. Funding of one-year post-docs (2022-2023)

Our GI-NI partner CNAM-CEET offers 6 one-year post-doctoral fellowships (October 2022 to September 2023). The Centre for Employment and Labour Studies (CEET) is a transversal programme of CNAM. It aims to develop multidisciplinary research on work and employment, from an academic perspective and in response to social demand.

The research themes of the post-docs recruited should focus on work and employment issues, and more specifically on the research themes explored by CEET. For the year 2022-2023, the CEET will be particularly interested in research on the following themes: new forms of employment and employers, jobs in the ecological transition, care jobs and the professional situation of carers, wages and professional trajectories (particularly for low wages and ‘first’ and ‘second’ line jobs in the COVID crisis), the development of teleworking and its effects on territories, the forms and effectiveness of social dialogue (including in the health crisis). Health issues related to work and employment are also a central issue, in relation to transformations in the organisation of work and collective bargaining. As regards public policies, particular attention will be paid to the reform of apprenticeship, and more broadly to training policies and their territorial implementation. For all subjects, the selection committee will be particularly attentive to works dealing with gender and/or origin inequalities, especially in international comparison.

CEET will provide or facilitate access to quantitative databases. Specific research areas may be proposed with support, in conjunction with the CNAM centres in the regions, overseas and internationally. The CEET and CNAM expect the post-docs recruited to participate regularly in research activities, seminars and publications.

More information (in French) about the call here: CNAM CEET Call Post Docs