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Industry 5.0, workplace innovation and skills: an opinion of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC)

The EESC is an important actor in the European institutional environment. It advises the European Commission and the European Parliament on topics of interest to social partners and civil society. The EESC operates in several committees. One of the committees is the Consultative Commission on Industrial Change (CCMI) which examines changes in industry across a wide range of sectors, keeping pace and tackling them according to the values of the European economic and social model. The EESC can respond to requests for an opinion or submit an own opinion. Currently, the CCMI is busy to formulate an own opinion on Industry 5.0. On May 28th, Steven Dhondt was invited to give his expert opinion on Industry 5.0, together with DG Research & Innovation, Mondragon Corporation, IndustriAll and the OECD. The Opinion of the CCMI will be sent later this year to the European Commission and European Parliament. The main idea is that the CCMI supports the further development of Industry 5.0 and sees the values it portrays as important for Europe. Steven Dhondt commented on what workplace innovation, participation and skills means in the current debate about Industry 5.0 and which elements should be added. This participation of Steven Dhondt is helpful for the policy impact of the H2020 GI-NI project.