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New deliverable: Report on definition and measurement of GI-NI key concepts within EU data sources (D2.1)

This report presents a critical overview of how the key concepts of the GI-NI project –i.e. technological change, globalisation, inequality and skills- are measured, relying on existing EU or international databases. Each concept is operationalised building on a set of measures that will be used to perform the project’s different tasks. The advantages and drawbacks are set both from conceptual and measurement perspectives for each measure. With these lessons in mind, the report lists and discusses alternative measures whenever possible, relying on either different measurement frameworks or alternative data sources.

Read the full report here.

This report is associated with work package n.2 “Data harmonisation for integrated analysis“. The general objectives of this WP are to contribute to the integration of measurement frames, to review available EU harmonised and national data sets focused on the issues of GI-NI and to combine databases at different levels for the needs of the project taking stock of the progresses made in other European projects.